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This blog is my side hustle. A place to show you how easy it is to eat more plant-based meals. It’s never been easier to eat less meat as supermarkets now stock more meat-free alternatives than ever before, and most restaurant menus listing at least one plant-based option.

It’s also a place to talk about activism. Civil disobedience. How to make change happen in a world run by bad guys. It’s only by getting out on the streets, signing petitions, supporting those who put themselves on the front line, that we have a chance of protecting what we care about most. We’re all on our own journey. Everything has to start somewhere. This blog doesn’t have all the answers, and will undoubtedly get some stuff wrong, but it’s better than not saying anything.

Activism – People Power

Environment – Planet Power

Veganism – Plant Power

Veg Out!

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