“Well behaved women never changed the world”

Hi, I’m Lucy. I’m not a hippie, I don’t wear tie dye, and I don’t have dreadlocks. But I am vegan, I am an environmentalist, and I am an activist. Hippies are no longer the face of the environmental movement, it’s regular Joe’s like you and me.

You only have to look at pictures from the Extinction Rebellion uprisings to see Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, everyday people like you and me taking a stand for the planet. Never have more people been engaged in the environmental movement as the devastating effects of a rapidly heating planet hit the headlines.

I converted to a vegetarian diet in 2006, towards the end of the ‘foot in mouth’ crisis. It was partly down to poor farming that millions of animals were slaughtered. I didn’t want to play any part in the future needless slaughter of animals. For everyone who believes you have to eat meat to be healthy, to be an athlete, to be the strongest, watch Game Changers on Netflix – it’s literally a game changer.

Then after reading about the horror of the dairy industry, I could no longer be complicit in the suffering so stopped eating cheese, eggs and milk, going completely plant-based in 2018, and haven’t looked back. It’s easier than you might think to be meat-free these days. You don’t need fancy ingredients, you don’t need to know how to properly ‘dice’ an onion, you just need the internet, and motivation.

I’ve always had an interest in health + nutrition. I trained as a fitness instructor in 2003, and qualified as a nutritionist in 2015 with the ambition to help people eat less meat.

My biggest passion is protecting the planet. Never have we lived in a more pressing time to take action for our future. The fires we see raging in the Amazon also rage in my heart, making it impossible to idly sit by watching big business and governments destroy what isn’t theirs to destroy. Maybe I can inspire you to take a stand about something you care about – after all, if you’re not angry about something, you’re not paying attention!

I’m not an extremist. I love the planet and nature, but I also love going on holiday once a year, and that’s OK. I’m not going off-grid any time soon. I’d miss my creature comforts. I have a boyfriend, and he’s completely ‘normal’ too!

I’ve been standing-up for the planet since moving to London in 2011 when I started volunteering with Greenpeace. Shortly after, I became coordinator of the Greenpeace Shoreditch group. We meet once a month in an East London boozer normally but currently on Zoom, to discuss the latest updates from Greenpeace and hatch plans for the month ahead. They’re my tribe. None of it is cloak + dagger so if want to know more pop along shoreditch greenpeace

I’m trained in Non-Violent Direct Action, which means Greenpeace can put me on the front-line of an Action knowing I’ll keep my head together, and if necessary, get arrested. It wouldn’t be the first time!

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