Veg Out!

Having never visited France until recently – a college trip to Euro Disney doesn’t count as 1) I don’t remember it, and 2) it’s not really France – to then find myself in the capital on two separate occasions last year (2018) was fortunate, if not ‘typical’, like buses. Being only a recent convert to a plant-based diet (circa 6 months) when visiting France last year I was ‘vegetarian’, and eating fish if the situation dictated ‘pescatarian’. But I recall Paris being a tough crowd to even the slightest deviation from a ‘mainstream’ diet of meat and vegetables. We disregarded many restaurants based on the menu placed fortuitously outside so customers can avoid the awkwardness of only realising this place ‘isn’t for me’ once already being seated with a glass of water poured, and napkin laid gracefully overlap.

So when my friend invited me to brunch this weekend at Plateau, ‘a French-style restaurant in the heart of London’s Canary Wharf’, I immediately considered 1) what have I done for her to hate me so much 2) this is a ‘come don’t come’ invite 3) how dare she forget I’m a vegan, I must talk about it more! I took straight to the website, of course, to review my options. Not only were the vegan options clearly marked (vg) on the menus, but both the starter and main options were right up my rue.

Too consumed by the food offering, I paid no attention to the location, which is actually the best bit. Take the lift (next to Waitrose) up to the fourth floor of Canada Place and you’re welcomed with the kind of view you expect when the cost of a bread bowl (read four pieces of bread) is £3.50. Originally sat second row looking out toward the pop-up ice rink, we took the opportunity of a leaving solo-diner to grab prime location looking directly over the festivities below.

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